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Toe Guard Cast Shoes

Manufacturer: Maxi Armor


  Toe guard style gips shoes MAXI ARMOR®
presents best stability and comfortability to cast worn patients in the world.

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1. lntergrated strong velcro strap

No need to cut the strap as the strap is integrated to the body.
Thanks to the cross position of the strap and the moderate-length strong Velcro inside, there is a wider flexibility
in adjusting the length of the strap.

2. Unique toe guard design
– lntergrated toe guard

Maxi Armor FW has a unique design in the cast shoes market, where the toe guard cover is an integral part of the cast shoes

Unlike other toe guard detachabl&-brands, no need to buy or store the toe guard cover separately from the cast shoes body.

-Function of toe guard
Exposed toes from the cast can be vulnerable to secondary injuries.
Maxi Armor FW can protect your toes from injuries by sharp, falling, hot and angulate objects.

– Toe guard link
With the outstanding elasticity of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) material,
the toe guard link makes it possible to adjust the attaching point of the toe guard to the strap, thus covering
the different length of the splint cast.

– Extension of the toe guard
Regardless of the length of the cut splint (Short or long), the toe guard of Maxi Armor FW can effectively protect
your toes.
Even when the splint is too long, the Velcro of the strap can be extended to the end of the splint to cover the toes.

3. Armor like strong protection
Better grip with to the diamond pattern on the surface.
The overall design is based on an actual armor, symbolizing the determination
to protect your foot.

4. Effective ventilation hole

As effective as open cast shoes in ventilation preventing patient’s foot from dampness, solving the problem of the
other existing cast shoes.

5. Bottom rocker style outsole

Maxi Armor FW outsole applied Bottom Rocker Design concept makes easy ambulation for cast patients.
Maxi Armor FW thicker outsole provides comfortableness through improved EVA shocking absorption. Strong cleat pattern
on FW outsole prevents possible slippery accident